Unique Soundz Music Group

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Unity is defined as a condition of harmony.  Harmony is translated to be a pleasing or congruent arrangement of parts.  The unity developed between composers, producers, instrumentalists, and the like, is only entirely conveyed when the harmony amongst the vocalists is in sync and well-blended.  Inspiring music couples each of the aforementioned concepts into a sound, which is unique and pleasing to the ear. 


With that in mind, we would like to introduce to you, Unique Soundz Music Group, a local production and Management company, dedicated to unifying the community through harmonious activities.  Although not ministry based, we recognize the importance of fellowship amongst the body of believers, as well as, the need for exposure of anointed artists, who are typically only showcased in gospel arenas.  We desire to channel positive energy into this area by providing outlets, which will encompass these ideals and more.




USMG is an amazing company that caters to the needs and wants of each artist in today's music industry . USMG offers quality and stellar presentation to all artists such as development and creativity , artist EPK , booking, production, and tours. We are connected with four major companies in the music business today: Writaz Blok, Kingdombmg,God Father Records, and Lowe Pro productions. Our goal for each artist is longevity, security, and knowledge to get to the next level. We offer Marketing,PR consulting work, endorsements , as well as digital distribution from our partner companies such as ITunes,rhapsody, eMusic, and many more.